Wages & salaries for Surgeons in Tucson, AZ ?

Every year U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics releases employment and wage figures. This data was released in May 2006 and covers Wages & salaries for Surgeons in Tucson, AZ

Surgeons (Occupation [OCC] code: 29-1067) in Tucson, AZ (BLS Area code: 46060 ) earned an average wage of more than $70.00 per hour and an average annual salary of more than $140,000

The BLS estimates that in Tucson, AZ there were around 70 employed in the field of Surgeons.

Industry Comparison
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Mean hourly wage: >$70.00
Tenth (10th) percentile hourly wage: >$70.00
Twenty-fifth (25th) percentile hourly wage: >$70.00
Fiftieth (50th) percentile wage [median] hourly wage: >$70.00
Seventy-fifth (75th) percentile hourly wage: >$70.00
Ninetieth (90th) percentile hourly wage: >$70.00

Salary figures for Surgeons in Tucson, AZ

Mean annual salary: >$140,000
Tenth (10th) percentile annual salary: >$140,000
Twenty-fifth (25th) percentile annual salary: >$140,000
Fiftieth (50th) percentile wage [median] annual salary: >$140,000
Seventy-fifth (75th) percentile annual salary: >$140,000
Ninetieth (90th) percentile annual salary: >$140,000


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