A biotope aquaria is an aquarium that is set-up to simulate a natural habitat. The fish, plants, water chemistry, and furnishings are similar to those that can be found in a specific natural setting.

Below is a list of books that are valuable in setting up biotope aqauriums. If you use the links below to make a purchase, a portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting the site.


The Biotope Aquarium: An Authentic Imitation of Nature in Your Home: Setting Up Natural-Looking Aquariums
by Rainer Stawikowski

Dynamic Aquaria: Building Living Ecosystems
by Walter H. Adey, Karen Loveland

Ecology of the Planted Aquarium: A Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist
by Diana L. Walstad

Hobbyist Guide to the Natural Aquarium
by Chris Andrews

The Natural Aquarium: How to Imitate Nature in Your Home
by Satoshi Yoshino, D. Kobayashi

Aquarium Plants
by Christel Kasselmann

Nature Aquarium World
by Takashi Amano

Nature Aquarium World: Book 3
by Takashi Amano

Aquarium Beautiful
A. Van Den Niewenhuizen


Aqua Geõgraphia Magazine

Site Biotope Profiles

Freshwater fish species listed by country and ecosystem -- excellent resources for constructing biotope aquaria.

African River Rapids
Lake Tanganyika
Lake Malawi
West or Central African River
Southern African Swamp
Southeast Asian River
Thai Creek
Southeast Asian Blackwater Pool
Southeast Asian Mangrove Estuary
Indian/Burmese River
New Guinea River
Northern Australia Rainforest Creek
South American Whitewater River
South American Clearwater Stream
South American Blackwater Creek
South American Blackwater Stream
Central American Rocky Lake
Central American River

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